AGM 2020

Committee Nominees

At previous AGMs we’ve all been able to get together to review the work of the past year and to discuss ideas and priorities for the coming year and of course to vote on the Committee members for the coming year.

But these are unusual times, so in order not to be defeated by the restrictions of the Corona Virus, we are being creative.

You will already have had an AGM mailing of relevant documents, so whether you have questions or comments or just wish to sit back and take part, we hope that you will all join in.

On this page of the website, you will find details of all of the commitee nominees.


Most of you will know me already as I have been the chairman for the past three and a half years. For those that don’t, I believe that the allotment should be run for the benefit of the members. And that means listening to their concerns. I also feel it is important that members should be engaged as much as possible with the running of the allotment whether that is an elected committee member, a co-opted committee member, someone who carried out specific tasks on behalf of the allotment (such as looking after the plants in the bed in front of the shop), or volunteering for work parties. At the same time I realise that it is a diverse community and, for all sorts of reasons, some people are unable to get involved.

I have been part of Marina Allotments a little over three years. I joined at a time when it was still quite easy to get an allotment. I have wanted to have an allotment for much of my adult life but for one reason or another it had never been a possibility. I enjoy every aspect of allotmenteering, growing food, exploring greener living, designing the spaces, simply being outside in all weather and our fabulous view as well as the social aspects of casual encounters, especially under current circumstances. I like the community of the allotments and the potential of what we can do together. I have been on the Committee for a couple of years, first co-opted and a full member since the last AGM. I am on Plot 69, the one with the large willow tree, visible from most of the site. I am often around and happy to have a chat or lend a hand.


My name is Steve Astley and I’ve been growing vegetables and fruit on plot 47 for four and a half years. I’ve been on the committee for two years and currently deal with plot allocations. I would like to continue to do so if you would be kind enough to vote for me.

I have been part of Marina Allotments since 2017, and I grow a mix of vegetables, soft fruit and flowers using organic and no-dig methods. If you don't already know me, you may have seen me working on my plot 20A, which is the one you see straight ahead as you come into the main gate. Apart from the satisfaction of growing healthy produce I enjoy the social aspect and the sense of belonging to a community with its mix of different kinds of people all united by a common interest. I have been Secretary for the last eighteen months which means I've been able to get to know more people around the site and contribute some of my time and energy to help make our allotment a happy flourishing space.


Hello! I am on plot 46a and have been growing on the allotment for 3 summers now. I was co-opted to the committee last year and helped with organising the Open Day and have volunteered at the shop. I also keep the website up to date and blog on behalf of the committee. I would like to continue to help with the running of the allotments for the community.

Hi, I'm Georgie on Plot 38, where I've been for 2 and a half years, practicing the No-Dig method. It was thanks to Peter, a previous committee member that I decided to join the committee as a co-opted member. He told me about how much time and energy is involved in running our site and that our lovely allotment community really needs committee members in order to do that! 

I've enjoyed my few months as a co-opted member and would now really like to be voted in as a full committee member and help ensure that the site remains friendly, accessible, and inclusive.