Following the latest Government guidance to stay at home and practice social distancing, whilst taking one form of outside exercise a day, the Marina Allotments Committee have issued the following guidelines to members:

  • Each person must stay on their own plot

  • Maintain a social distance of 2 metres from others

  • No more than 2 people to be together at any time

  • Keep hand sanitiser in your shed if you have it

  • Wear gloves or use hand sanitiser before opening and closing any gate locks or touching taps

  • Do not share tools

  • Do not wash your hands under the taps or in or over the water tanks

  • Please walk or cycle to the site whenever possible; if driving, please limit the number of journeys per week

We ask everyone to respect these guidelines, as we appreciate how lucky we are to have somewhere to go during this time of social isolation.


Greening the Ravine

By Rod Webb, Chair of the Committee.

For those of you who remember back to the AGM last year (or read the minutes), you will know that we discussed ‘greening the allotment’. Quoting from the minutes: “There were enthusiastic contributions from members”. Things discussed were things like reducing the use of plastic, cleaning up and planting the ravine and planting fruit tree for general use on the waste area.

At the time I pointed out that my particular project was going to be to tidy up the ravine. This proved a bigger project than I could have imagined. The work carried out last year mainly consisted of clearing the debris that had accumulated over many years. This included up to fifty 60-litre bags of glass, untold plastic waste and a telephone exchange box that was so heavy it had to be cut up into five pieces.

This year has been more encouraging as it was prompted by the need tostart planting. So far this has mainly consisted of hedging to provide a barrier between plots and the ravine, four fruit trees (two apples a fig and an apricot), various plants that have been donated (including 200 bluebells and 200 primroses) and four different seed types: Mainly perennial for woodland and heavy shade, beneath the poplar tree, heavy clay soils wildflower and traditional meadow for the more open areas; plus some annuals to provide colour.

The idea is to use forest garden techniques: a forest garden is a designed agronomic system based on trees, shrubs and perennial plants. 
These are mixed in such a way as to mimic the structure of a natural forest – the most stable and sustainable type of ecosystem in this climate.


Work parties

Until Government guidance on social distancing changes, all work parties are currently cancelled.

We would usually have a working party on the 3rd Sunday in each month 10-12am to tackle communal areas such as the coppice and any vacant plots that have become difficult to let because of the state they are in. It would be great if you could join us and make our self managed site easier to manage! These joint efforts can be fun and very rewarding.  We usually stop for a cup of tea and a chat.


Dumping rubbish

Please be reminded that as a plot-holder, you are responsible for all materials brought on to the allotment site and should find a way of disposing of it appropriately off site. 

Please do not leave rubbish near the main gate. Any items left on the bench for others to take must be removed if they are not taken by another plot-holder.

We understand that rubbish disposal is difficult at present due to household waste recycling centres currently being closed. Please keep any rubbish on your plot/take it home with you until these centres re-open.