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Committee Roles & Plot Inspections


For those who weren't able to be there, we had a successful and

positive - if slightly chilly - AGM on 16th September, followed by a

social round the pizza oven which didn't wind up till about 10.30 - I

think everyone enjoyed the chance to meet and chat in a relaxed way

after such a long time. I'll send the minutes out as soon as they are

ready, but in the meantime I thought I'd report on the first meeting

of the new committee where we agreed our roles, as follows:

Treasurer: Anja Thies

Secretary: Jill Kaye

Membership: Anja and Jill to share

Site Maintenance & work parties: Rod Webb

Managing the shop: Pamela Nathan Meyers

Organising social events, talks and courses: Ursula McLaughlin,

supported by Gerry Doyle

The new committee has decided to alternate our monthly meetings

between decision-making and discussion. Val Honyben has offered to

chair the decision meetings, and at the discussion meetings members

will take turns to chair.

You may notice one glaring omission: no one has volunteered to be the

Chair of the Association. As you know, the Chair has always been the

Go To Person for members, but this can impose an unfair burden on one

person. Instead, we have decided to increase the 'visibility' of the

rest of the committee members in various ways, so that members know

who to approach with specific queries. Also one of the suggestions at

the AGM was to have someone outside the committee who would liaise

between members and committee over plot matters. More on this soon.


At the same meeting, we also agreed on a date for our next plot

inspection - or should I call it a plot survey, which was suggested at

the AGM? (The word inspection conjures up unpleasant visions of Ofsted

visits for some, which is not the idea.) We'll be sharing the task

between us starting this coming weekend, focussing especially on the

state of paths surrounding plots as these can be hazardous if they are

not in good shape before the winter.

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